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ZOOM recordings: 

Following are recordings of presentations made to members during our 2020 Covid 19 lockdown ZOOM conference calls.
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You can join these conference calls by going to and downloading the software onto your computer, phone or tablet. Then just click the link provided to you by email from the Shed. We join on Monday (usually a talk) and Friday (at the meeting room at the shed) at 10.30 am. Please join us.

Some of us can't spend an hour watching the video but we can listen while walking, cycling or working. Where appropriate, we have included an MP3 recording which you can download and listen to on your phone, MP3 player, tablet or laptop.

Shed members Alan Minson and Douglas Ormrod both share a fascination for old vehicles. Here they share this fascination with us

Terrana Griffiths from the Chip Packet Project NZ

Jerome Wenzlick talking about Future Post

Jan Power, from the Eastern Bay Songbird Project

Professor Cathy Stinear speaking about "Advances in stroke prevention and treatment"

Bill Lehmann, a member of our shed, talking about "Adventures in NZ and trying to find a job in the early eighties"

Dennis Millard, from Trees for Survival

Keith Moran, a member of our shed, talking about "Flying high part 2: the transition back to civil aviation and experiences flying 747 freighters"

Daria Erastova, Conservation Assistant for Pest Free Howick Ward and PhD student, talking about "Backyard bird sugar water feeding in urban New Zealand"
Click here to view photos of the tui feeder

David Lamb, a member of our shed, talking about "Flying and Friendship"

Keith Moran, a member of our shed, talking about "Aircraft Mid-air Refuelling"

Dr. Stephen Hoadley talking about the "Middle East Update: Civil Wars and Foreign Fighters"

Dr. Stephen Hoadley talking about the "Rising China and the Shifting Balance of Power in Asia"

Alan Minson, a member of our shed, talking about the book "The World Before Us"

Terry Moore, a member of our shed, about his visit to Bunderim Mens Shed on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Keith Hanning, a member of our shed, "My life as a stage manager"

Bernie Ward, a member of our shed, sailing around New Zealand part 2

Kathrine from Altus Resource Trust speaking about a purpose built corner chair for disabled children overseas

Bernie Ward, a member of our shed, talking about his voyage around New Zealand part 1

Tristan de Chalain, a member of our shed, on "Volunteer work at a plastic surgery clinic in the Philippines"

Gordon Taylor, member of Mens Shed Waimea, on "Off Road to On Road: The development of the 4 wheel drive"

Corporal Brad Melvin from the NZ Air Force, talking about Whenuapai and the P3 Orion aircraft

Carolyn & Imogen from Blind Low Vision NZ on  “Generation I”

Pete & Sharon Crean on their mission to Kenya

Terry Moore talking about "A 10 minute summary of the Environmental Forum held on Sunday 1 November 2020"

Terry Moore on "The Orakei Community Wellbeing Survey"

Rod Oram on "Regeneration trumps recovery: How we can best respond to theCovid-19 pandemic"

Gerard Robertson on "A year in Toulouse for Air NZ"

Mr. Simon Mills talks on Orthopaedic Consulting Surgery
Mr. Simon Mills talks on Orthopaedic Consulting Surgery (in MP3 format)

Jude Walter from Brainfit Auckland on "Why brain fitness matters"
Jude Walter from Brainfit Auckland on "Why brain fitness matters" (in MP3 format)

Professor Paul Spoonley on "A 'New' New Zealand Emerges: How Demography is Changing the Country"

Roger van Kuylenburg on "My history with computers"

Dr Fritha Hanning, Head of Oncology, Auckland Hospital on "Prostate Cancer"

Alan Minson, telling us his personal story of involvement in a wind energy feasibility project
Gavin Brickell, telling us about the challenges of servicing wind energy towers

Dr Doug Wilson on "Ageing - the Highlights" plus update on Covid-19

Alastair Brickell on "Climate change - A Geological and Astronomical Perspective"
Also view Alastair's presentation in Powerpoint

Professor Geoff Duffy on "Insights into what is really causing weather changes"

Gerrard Robertson on the topic of "White Wings Under White Clouds"
In association with the above, also see Stefan's competition flight, which gives a very good idea of a day's racing and gliding generally.
Auckland Gliding Club website

Michael McIlvride on "The importance of regular physical activity with ageing". Michael is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist from The ExerScience Clinic.

Dr Doug Wilson on the topic of "Where to from here?"

Nicky Williams from the Heart Foundation talking about a healthy heart part 2

Nicky Williams from the Heart Foundation talking about 9 steps to a healthy heart

My life as a pilot by Brian Bassett

Dr Doug Wilson talking on ageing

Trip through Africa in a VW Combi van by Ken Duncalfe

Monitoring Invertebrates - Citizen Science by Don Morrison

Tidal Energy by Terry Moore

Compost Collective

Meeting 20 May 2020 including a discussion on shed re-opening

Helping Seniors Use Technology by Grant Sidaway 

Habitat for Humanity, Chiang Thailand by Miles Cain

How Doctors Think by Dr Nic Szecket and Dr Art Nahill ----  Visit their website (click here) for in-depth articles on medical practice.

History of Fighter Aircraft by Gordon Taylor (part 1)

History of Fighter Aircraft by Gordon Taylor (part 2)

Meeting 4 May 2020 including David Hopkins talking about the 1976 Air NZ hangar extension

Meeting 1 May 2020 including Joanne Rutherford, St Heliers Library

Alan Minson’s presentation on his Geothermal project on Layte Island, Philippines

Auckland Island by Roger Milne

2016 Rio Olympics by Roger Milne

We’ve Been Thinking

Catalina Aircraft by Mal McLennan

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