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Mens Sheds New Zealand 
Mens Sheds International 
Mens Sheds Canada 
Mens Sheds UK 
Mens Sheds USA 
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Colwyn Bay Mens Shed 
Llanddulas Veterans Shed HQ 
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Health and wellbeing:

Ministry of Social Development 
Mens Sheds Dementia Manual 
Doing What Comes Naturally 
Mens Shed Cookbook 
Cooking Class for older adults 
Men’s Health website, ‘Spanner in the Works?’ 
Arthritus New Zealand 
Asthma Foundation 
Could There Be a Cure for Social Isolation? 
Start a Shed 
Men's shed much more than a mancave 
Mental Health Support 
Alzheimer's Australia ..Making a Difference 


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The Men's Shed Movement (the company of men) by Barry Golding -

News articles:

Ōrākei Local Board grants lease to Men’s Shed 
Men’sshed book club 
Million Dollar Mens Shed 
Winning Mens Shed 
SantasMens Shed 
Phd of Mens Sheds 
Mens Shed to Tinker -
Talking Mens Shed 
Wiki Mens Shed 
Mens Shed Book 
Mens Shed Auckland East Panama Road school PlaygroundProject 
East Auckland Mens Shed gains Traction 
MSAE helps India-Rose reach new heights 

At this time, there are over 1000 ‘Sheds’ in Australia and over 120 here in New Zealand. Globally there are "thousands" of Mens Sheds.

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