Project - Water walls

Early in 2018, our shed was approached by the Mount Richmond Special School and asked if a water play wall could be designed by us. 

We started by searching YouTube for Water Wall videos. Once we got some general ideas we set about creating a workable design. 

 As each unit is made we further develop and refine the design to be easier to make and more effective.

As of February 2020, we have made over 16 units. As more units are installed, the demand has increased. 

The standard backing board is 1200mm x 1200mm. However, we are happy to quote for a Water Wall to be built to your size and specifications.

The guttering and piping is donated by Marley NZ and the water tanks are donated by Brown Brothers.
All other materials are sourced and supplied by the Men's Shed.

We offer free delivery in the Auckland area.

Thank you Roger and his team for developing the water walls.

Click on this link to watch some videos showing Water Walls working.

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